Home Inspector’s Electronic Reporting App

Client: Canadian Residential Inspection Services Ltd. (CRIS)

Canadian Residential Inspection Services (CRIS) was established 35 years ago. CRIS provides objective, professional home inspections using the latest tools and reporting technology, so their clients always receive timely, high-quality, unbiased feedback on the condition of the property they’re planning to purchase or sell. 

CRIS contacted Liberated Networks to develop a new, state-of-the-art electronic inspection reports system. Reports being an essential part of the process, CRIS needed a very detailed, comprehensive reporting system with unique, mobile capabilities and the ability for clients to pay for and receive the report on-site immediately upon completion of the inspection.

This approach would make choosing a CRIS inspector a more attractive and convenient option for prospective customers. The inspectors themselves (franchise owners) would also find this system invaluable for running their business, helping eliminate accounts receivable and other costly delays in the inspection process.

Today, the developed solution is utilized across the country by all CRIS inspectors. It’s fast and easy to use, with all the custom functionality needed in this competitive industry, as well as the capability of being scaled and updated as required in the ever-changing housing marketplace.

Key Features

  • Appointment bookings and auto-generated reminders.
  • Easy to follow inspection format, with reassurance that no aspects of the inspection are ever overlooked, and notes are concise.
  • Comprehensive report automatically generated at completion, including photos and recommendations. The report is provided to the client on-site.
  • Built-in bookkeeping functionality to generate invoices and receipts.
  • Customer database tools for future client touch points.

10 Years Later...

10 years later, Liberated Networks continues to work with CRIS to serve their growing needs and assist with routine software updates.

Andrew Buchanan

CRIS Inspector, Dartmouth, NS:

“The new application is absolutely fantastic. The app itself is simple, user-friendly, intuitive, and covers many areas that before, we could not make clear to our clients. With the integration of pictures, the use of an iPad, and overall clients retrieving the report from a web server just increases our professionalism at Canadian Residential – well done!!”