Online Commercial Credit Monitoring System

Client: Credifax Atlantic Ltd.

In 2001, Credifax founder and owner, Rodger Noel, knew he needed a competitive edge to keep up with industry demands. Credifax was already established as a recognized leader in commercial credit reporting and collections, and now needed a new high-tech tool to offer customers the very latest in accessible, timely commercial credit checks and monitoring. 

Rodger Noel

Founder & President, Credifax Atlantic Ltd:

“Our clients depend on us to help them minimize credit risk and connect them with industry peers to exchange critical trade information. We needed a faster, more accurate way to do this in real-time – we wanted to put the power of a credit group right at their fingertips! I knew I could trust David and his team at Liberated to build us the right solution.”

Liberated Networks developed a robust system that is now known as Credinet™, an end-to-end online credit group exchange, and monitoring platform. It allows users to quickly and efficiently gain access to all the real-time credit group feedback, searches, scoring, reports, and alerts they require to stay informed and reduce risks.  

With so much private information being passed between credit groups, Liberated developers focused on the security behind the system, in addition to other requirements, such as effortless accessibility to large volumes of data, ease of user navigation, and the importance of long-term support and scalability of the overall system to accommodate new features and customer growth.

Some of the system capabilities Credinet users enjoy:

  • Company searches and industry information in real-time are collated into a consolidated trade credit report. 
  • Real-time sharing of credit and collection experiences with group members.
  • Instant alerts and email notifications submitted by other group members.
  • Monthly account monitoring that automatically flags high-risk accounts.
  • Search features for commercial credit application scores and patterns.
  • Master search of company backgrounds, directors, and related businesses.
  • Trade Program (TAP) with personalized, automated monitoring and reporting of accounts receivable.

For the entire 20+ years of the system, Liberated Networks has been by Credifax’s side to support and maintain the Credinet platform as the infrastructure and functionality behind it advances. Liberated also supports Credifax’s other software and technical needs throughout the company, and across Canada and the USA where Credifax connects with industry partners.

“It’s safe to say, Rodger and his team at Credifax are personal friends of ours here at Liberated, and we look forward to many more years of supporting the growth of their business.”

David Pothier
President, Liberated Networks Inc.